The NBN is rolling out across Australia delivering faster internet to homes and businesses and changing the way that we work and play.

With faster internet speeds, enjoy faster downloads, more bandwidth and easier use of business technology like VOIP, video conferencing, cloud collaboration and business solutions.​

Choose from three plan types: month to month, 12 month contract or 24 month contract.

Activ NBN is available on five plans, offering various combinations of download and upload speed – there’s one to suit you:

  • ​12MB/1MB
  • 25MB/5MB
  • 25MB/10MB
  • 50MB/20MB
  • 100MB/40MB



With our plans you get real unlimited data. No caps, crimping, speed drops or nasty surprises. Just real unlimited data for you every month.


When you sign up to a 12 month plan or longer, we’ll throw in a Wi-Fi modem so your devices can be liberated from cables and enjoy your unlimited data.


Your service, support, management and monitoring is all included and backed up with best in class SLA’s. You won’t have to pay extra for the things that matter they’re included from day one..




Our Activ SLA provides best in class support for every Activ Private connection. You get:

  • Unlimited 1st & 2nd level support
  • 30 minute response time for faults
  • 4 hour response time for reported outages
  • 4 hour response time during business hours for configuration change requests made via Service Desk
  • Dedicated client Project Manager for network and connection roll out


Cisco routers are provided with all connections, along with management and monitoring including:

  • Physical Router management
  • Hardware replacement upon failure
  • Warranty & software updates for life of contract
  • Proactive 24x7x365 real time monitoring
  • Configuration changes backed up and round back available
  • Troubleshooting
  • Trend based reporting

99.9% UPTIME

Low contention means less sharing of your broadband bandwidth, meaning you get more of it and your internet speeds are faster.


We apply a fully integrated Solarwinds Solution across our MPLS network, providing access to all Activ Private customers for reporting including, but not limited to:

  • Router CPU and memory trends
  • Link % utilisation
  • Errors on the links.
  • Hourly traffic reports and link utilisation

Reporting access is provided via web portal, or through our Service Desk.


Quality of Services (QoS) is already configured across the core. To take advantage, simply tell us which application you need in which queue and Activ ICT Networks will take care of the rest. This will be particularly useful in prioritising ERP traffic and voice traffic as an example. Allocated bandwidths across four queues are:

  • Platinum Queue 30%
  • Gold Queue 30%
  • Silver Queue 10%
  • Bronze Queue 30%



For just an extra $10 per month, our Internet Protect add-on will give you security and peace of mind, putting your bandwidth behind our Next Generation Firewall with Layer 7 IDS/IPS protection will protect you from virus, malware and bad traffic


For $10 per month, we prevent threats to your devices, and keep them running optimally by applying update and security patches. You’ll always be up to date, and your devices won’t be sluggish from out of date software that can’t keep up to date with the latest applications.


Available as an add-on to Patch Management, for $5 per month we will fully manage and maintain your devices anti-virus definitions to keep you protected and up to date with signatures for total device peace of mind.


Also available as an add-on to Patch Management, for $5 per month we will protect and manage your web browsing for blacklisted sites, time-based browsing policies, individual site blocking along with access controls, threat protection and bandwidth monitoring.