INCLUDED with every Activ Private or Business Internet plan

Quality of Services (QoS) is already configured across the Active ICT Network core. To take advantage, simply tell us which application you need in which queue and Activ ICT Networks will take care of the rest. This will be particularly useful in prioritising ERP traffic and voice traffic as an example. Allocated bandwidths across four queues are:

  • Platinum Queue 30%
  • Gold Queue 30%
  • Silver Queue 10%
  • Bronze Queue 30%



We’ll manage your QoS based on our pre-configured architecture across our own MPLS network core. Simply tell us which application you want in which queue and we’ll take it from there


Our standard SLA is better than most premium SLA’s that you’d pay extra for. And we include this with our business plans. We give our customers a best in class SLA as standard, it’s not an optional extra.


Our customer service is 100% Australian based. Our team are all Australian, based in Australia looking after our Australian customers.