only $10 a month when added to your home or business internet plan

Internet Protect from Activ ICT Networks puts your internet connection behind our Next Generation firewall, removing threats from your bandwidth before they can get to to you, or slow down your speed. Your bandwidth is cleaner, which can also mean faster, giving your internet an extra boost.

Internet Protect detects known and unknown threats, including in encrypted traffic, using intelligence generated across many thousands of same technology deployments from our Next Generation Firewall vendor, Palo Alto Networks.

That means Internet Protect reduces risks and prevents a broad range of attacks. For example, Internet Protect enables users to access data and applications based on user defined requirements as well as stop credential theft and an attacker’s ability to use stolen credentials.

Internet Protect features include:

  • Layer 7 inline IDS/IPS
  • Malware Sandboxing
  • File blocking and antivirus
  • URL Protection
  • SSL Decrypt to inspect traffic to your network



Internet Protect gives you security and peace of mind, putting your bandwidth behind our Next Generation Firewall with Layer 7 IDS/IPS protection will protect you from virus, malware and bad traffic


We’ll manage the configuration and service for you, or you can configure and manage your own dedicated settings. Either way, Internet Protect will be operating 365/24/7.


Our customer service is 100% Australian based. Our team are all Australian, based in Australia looking after our Australian customers.