Business telephony and voice remains a key tool for every business. Scaleable, feature rich and convenient, our voice and telephony solutions are perfect for business.

​Activ ICT has you covered with competitive and flexible options at great prices for your business. We can deliver your business voice service over the PSTN network, or over the internet.

​Or we can deliver you a next generation Hosted PBX service with features that you’d expect from an expensive wired PABX system.


At Activ ICT Networks, we’re about helping and supporting business – so you can can grow and realise your goals.

​Our Activ Hosted PBX is a phone system for the modern digital age and perfect for businesses of all sizes. Our pricing makes it easy to get on with business, and includes the latest business phone handsets and includes a massive range of features designed for businesses like yours.

​So what’s a hosted PBX? Until now, when you wanted a phone system for multiple staff you needed to pay for an expensive phone network to be physically installed and wired up at your office – and then pay pricey phone bills and technical maintenance on top of that.

​Not anymore! We live in a digital world now and we can host the your phone system on our powerful servers, meaning you don’t need a physical PABX system in your office. That means your phone system becomes more dynamic, flexible and a whole lot cheaper.

Compatible with

Activ NBNActiv Adsl2

Tailor your phone system

Bring your business number with you, or start again with a new number. Or add more numbers – it’s your choice.

  • 1 number$5 per month
  • 10 numbers$15 per month
  • 50 numbers$30 per month
  • 100 numbers$40 per month

Being SIP based, our Activ VOIP provides next generation features to you at home that were previously only available to big business or high-tech companies. With Activ VOIP, you get as standard:

  • Voice and Video Telephony
  • Instant Messaging (IM) and Presence
  • Paging, Redial, Do Not Disturb
  • Voice/IM/Video Conferencing
  • Interactive Voicebox and Voice-to-mail
  • SMS send/receive/forward via SMPP
  • Inbound and outbound Call Blocking and anonymous Call Rejection
  • Internal Calling (extension to extension)
  • Call Queueing
  • Line Hunt
  • Fax-to-mail, Webfax and Fax Clients


Activ Business Switch works just like your business phone line always has. We can deliver Activ Business Switch over copper wire or the NBN is yet to roll out to your area, or we can deliver it over the internet over NBN, ADSL2+ or Activ Connect. Call us or get in touch about which is the best option for you. Features include as standard:

  • Voice Telephony
  • 3-way chat (not available on NBN)
  • Call forward
  • Call waiting
  • Call return
  • Caller ID
  • Calling Number Display



When you add Internet Protect or any Device Protection product you let us manage security and threat protection for you. You get enterprise and carrier grade service and protection, letting us worry about this 365/24/7 so that you don’t have to.


When you sign onto our 24 month plans, we’ll review your price after 12 months and if our prices have come down for new customers on the same plan – so will yours for the balance of your contract.


For as little as an extra $30, you can add unlimited local, national and mobile calls within Australia with Activ VOIP.


With our plans you get real unlimited data. No caps, crimping, speed drops or nasty surprises. Just real unlimited data for you every month.


For just an extra $10 per month, our Internet Protect add-on will give you security and peace of mind, putting your bandwidth behind our Next Generation Firewall with Layer 7 IDS/IPS protection will protect you from virus, malware and bad traffic