only $5 a month when added to your home or business internet plan

Available as an add-on to Patch Management, for $5 per month we will protect and manage your web browsing for blacklisted sites, time-based browsing policies, individual site blocking along with access controls, threat protection and bandwidth monitoring.

You set the controls and we will manage them for users on your network. Decide sites to block based on category, geography or name. Set access controls, for example for children, deciding the hours in the day they can access the internet and if desired, which sites.

Monitor and control bandwidth by user, for example controlling or crimping children bandwidth to limit streaming, slow down or discourage video streaming. The choice – and the control is yours.



We’ll manage your network access controls that you define, so that you don’t have to, giving you peace of mind devices on your network will access the internet the way, and when you want them to.


You definitions are in place 24/7/365, giving you peace of mind that internet traffic from your network is exactly how you want it to be


Our customer service is 100% Australian based. Our team are all Australian, based in Australia looking after our Australian customers.